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An Analysis of Poverty and Regional Inequalities in Ghana

Photo by Pixabay.

Name of the Asset | An Analysis of Poverty and Regional Inequalities in Ghana
Type of Asset | Working Paper
Date | October 2009


In Ghana, disparities in social and economic well-being are evident between various spatial units across the country, particularly southern Ghana and northern Ghana. This paper examines regional inequalities in Ghana based on the last three rounds of the Ghana Living Standard Survey, as well as other socio-economic variables across regions in Ghana. It tries to explain the emergence and persistence of regional inequalities in Ghana, and whether creating a ‘balance development’ of regions in Ghana is feasible. 

The study shows that inequalities exist between regions, but are even wider within regions. Thus, the way for the state to address the process of uneven and unbalanced regional growth, while simultaneously facilitating inclusive development, is to promote economic integration both within and across regions in Ghana. This requires, more specifically, improvement in public services in all regions, and linking lagging and developing regions with infrastructure (especially transportation) both within and between regions, as critical levers of private sector investment and economic growth. 


  • Ernest Aryeetey
  • Emmanuel Joseph Mensah
  • George Owusu

Country and/or Region | Ghana
Name of the Program | Institutional Capacity Strengthening of African Public Policy Institutes to Support Inclusive Growth and the MDGs
Funder(s) |  United Nations Development Programme’s (UNDP) Bureau for Development Policy (BDP) and Regional Bureau for Africa (RBA)

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