"In this conference, there are people from all kinds of organizations, and some very powerful and forceful organizations in the world of development, that influence where governments spend their money, how policy is produced and informed, and we need to engage in that debate achieve the goals of Education..and that's why this conference is so important."   

Professor Mairead Dunne, Lima, 2016. 

Director of the Centre for International Education,
University of Sussex, UK.


The Global Development Network (GDN) promotes the generation, sharing, and application of multidisciplinary knowledge to policy for the purpose of development. It is the first stop for those working in the development field to network with other researchers and research institutes, creating connections and strengthening partnerships.

In its quest to fulfil its mandate, GDN partners with a worldwide network of research institutes, academic institutions, think tanks, over 12,500 individual researchers globally, and various international donor organizations and governments.

A critical slice of these partnerships includes the one GDN shares with its Regional Network Partners (RNPs) which ensures the generation of research by those best placed to understand the complexities of the challenges faced by different regions to mitigate poverty. Most RNPs are prominent social science research institutes that allow GDN to truly reach its core constituency – local researchers in the developing and transition world. Many of these RNPs are also networks and therefore, allow for flexible and fluent production of knowledge and its translation into policy. Click here for a full list of GDN's current RNPs.

In addition, GDN undertakes collaborative activities with a number of global institutions to contribute to its goals of building research capacity, fostering research in developing and transition countries, and disseminating development knowledge. The collaborations are usually on specific projects/activities. Partners on GDN’s projects/activities are:

For further information contact Ramona Angelescu Naqvi, Director of Programs, GDN  


For the University, hosting the GDN 2011 conference was an honor as it enriched the vision of our faculty, researchers and students by giving them an opportunity to interact with academics from across the world.

Carlos Angulo-Galvis

Universidad de los Andes, Colombia