A New Call
Call for Expressions of Interest: Now Closed

GDN recently launched a call for expressions of interest for research teams interested in producing high quality research to document the increase in productivity at the firm level through the implementation of different management methods, with a focus on Kaizen (the Japanese style management approach). Four selected teams will receive up to USD 40,000 to conduct research projects under GDN’s program, Productivity Improvement in the Private and Public Sector: Roles and Lessons from Kaizen approaches.

Through this program, and in partnership with the JICA-Research Institute (JICA-RI), GDN intends to document the relationship between management methods and productivity at the firm level. GDN and JICA-RI aim to address the need to address the lack of contextualized knowledge on managerial capital and interactions with policies to enhance productivity growth. The partnership will draw on different cases to document what has been done to enrich our shared knowledge of initiatives in the public or the private sector to boost productivity and the role of policies to support them, with a focus on the Japanese managerial philosophy and method, Kaizen.

GDN will provide a maximum of four research grants of up to USD 40,000 each, as well as mentoring, peer reviews, training, site visits, and opportunities for publication. Research outputs will be published in a book on the Kaizen experience, edited by Akio Hosono (JICA Research Insitute) and John Page (Brookings Institution). Selected applicants will be invited to an inception week in Tokyo in May 2017, which will include a seminar on Kaizen and a workshop to finalize the proposals.

The Call for Expressions of Interest closed on 18 April 2017. Results will be available at the end of May, 2017.

GDN Support

During the project, GDN will work closely with the selected teams to provide them with the support needed (beyond funding) to refine the scope of the research, to effectively implement the research agenda, to monitor the research outcomes and to assist them in publishing the final research paper.

In addition, GDN will provide advisory mentoring services to the teams. Each team will benefit from the advice of a Scientific Advisor selected by GDN. He/She will be a senior researcher that has some recognized experience in the field. These advisors will provide guidance on the research design, implementation, analysis and effective research outcomes through face-to-face meetings, seminars for peer-reviews and online communication during the entire course of the project. It is expected that teams and their respective advisor exchange on a regular basis to cope with the problems teams encounter or to seek advice in the direction of the research.

Beyond the grant and the opportunity to work with a distinguished researcher, GDN will provide knowledge exchange and capacity building services to the selected teams, and will support teams on a continuing basis in research management, and research dissemination for policy influence.

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