15th Annual Global Development Conference (18 - 20 June, 2014), Accra, Ghana
Structural Transformation in Africa and Beyond

Welcome Remarks

These are the welcome remarks that were made by Pierre Jacquet, President of the Global Development Network.

It is my great pleasure to introduce GDN’s forthcoming 2014 Annual Global Development Conference. It will be organized in partnership with the African Capacity Building Foundation, the African Economic Research Consortium, University of Ghana and United Nations Economic Commission for Africa will take place in Accra, Ghana, from 18-20 June, 2014.

The conference will feature some of the work conducted by GDN and its Regional Network Partners, and will be organized around one major theme: “Structural transformation in Africa and beyond”. The African continent has undergone major transformation over the last two decades. Growth has been buoyant, and in the face of an international environment deeply and durably affected by the 2007-2008 financial crisis, Sub-Saharan Africa has experienced an average real rate of growth of about 5 percent since 1995 and has been able to sustain such growth in the recent years.

Transformation is at play, with its host of structural, political, economic, social and human challenges, and of course big questions on whether and how such growth may be sustainable, not only from an economic and social, but also from an environmental perspective. As we address these challenges, it is also crucial to look at how transformation has been taking place in other parts of the world, in Latin America, in Asia or in Central and Eastern Europe.

With its 2014 Annual Global Development Conference, GDN introduces significant innovation. Our overarching goal is to provide young researchers with a unique opportunity to interact with their peers and with top researchers in the profession, and to help them identify issues, methods and partners so that they are encouraged to produce good quality research and contribute to better policies. The conference will be organized around a competitive call for sessions and papers, feeding into our annual Global Development Awards and Medals Competition. It will feature the work conducted by young researchers through a marketplace for development research and a posters exhibition. And it will attract as many young graduates from the region and beyond as possible!

I hope that you will be able to join us for this conference and help us make it a vibrant success!

Pierre Jacquet
President, Global Development Network

Why GDN Annual Conference

GDN’s flagship event is its three-day Annual Global Development Conference held in different countries, each year, across the globe. These conferences aim to connect developing countries' researchers and students with the world’s most influential researchers, corporate leaders and political figures on a common platform where they can interact with each other, share research work and discuss the most pressing challenges in social and economic development. The defining features of the GDN conference are the empowerment of researchers in developing countries, the strengthening of research skills and the mobilization of research for public policy.

For GDN’s 15th Anniversary in 2014, the Annual Global Development Conference was held in Accra, Ghana, in partnership with The African Capacity Building Foundation, the African Economic Research Consortium the University of Ghana and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa

This conference aimed to achieve a better understanding of the nature and prospects of structural transformation in Africa, drawing on insights from other transformation experiences around the world, and to foster dialogue among researchers and practitioners whose work focuses on Africa.

Benefits for Young Researchers

Publication: Papers presented at the 15th Annual Global Development Conference were published in the GDN Conference Journal which was disseminated to GDN's extensive international network of partners.

  • Indexing and Archiving: Papers presented at the 15th Annual Global Development Conference are referenced through the GDN Knowledge Services Portal and regularly appear in notable reviews, publications and databases, including referencing and abstract services.
  • Digital Archive: All conference papers are archived online through GDN Knowledge Services Portal where they are immediately and permanently available to an international community of researchers, practitioners and experts.
  • Open Access: This allows for the full paper to be downloaded from the GDN Knowledge Services Portal, offering maximum dissemination and outreach.

Networking: Participants presented their research and interact with experts from around the world, becoming part of a unique community of young and experienced researchers.

Discounted Fee for PhD and Masters Students: GDN believes in the importance of encouraging young researchers to present and publish relevant research at its conferences. Therefore, GDN offers young students and fellows a much reduced conference registration fee. Based on competitive selection, GDN offered full to partial funding for conference participation.

Academic Reward: The best papers and best posters were awarded at 15th Annual Global Development Conference. The competition offered an excellent opportunity for promising researchers from developing countries to research on key development issues with a unique in-depth perspective. GDN awarded this potential through various grants for conducting study for a period of one or two years.

Share and Experience: An opportunity to witness, experience and share views with globally renowned international speakers on the theme of the conference.

Events of Relevance: Enhanced knowledge on career prospects, recently launched book events by publishing houses, exhibit posters for informal discussions outside the plenaries, and to be part of GDN’s special 15th anniversary documentary of achievements.

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