The PEM Database provides public expenditure, its disaggregated components and other associated research data on Education, Health and Water across 14 countries around the world. This data has been collected through country studies sponsored under the DFID funded research capacity building project on “Strengthening Institutions to Improve Public Expenditure Accountability”. The data presented here has also been analyzed and reported in PEM Research Reports (available here). The data is presented in three formats: Dashboard, Database and Country Profiles.

PEM Data Dashboard: Provides analytical charts and tables in user-friendly format that can be easily downloaded and shared through social media.

PEM Database: The Database provides raw and processed data from the project that can be queried as per user-requirement, downloaded in user-friendly format. It also allows the user to visualize data online and download it for presentations and other usable format.

To download the desktop version of the database please click here. To access this database in your computer you may need to download and install the DevInfo 6.1 user application which can be downloaded here. To use the desktop software and database you may refer to the guidelines showing step by step approach to downloading and selecting database.

PEM Country Profiles: PEM Country profiles are ready-to-share four-page PDF files that give a snapshot of public expenditure, expenditure incidence and outcome indicators for all the 14 countries the project covered. You can access the PDFs here:

Disclaimer*: The database presents data from various sources, as has been collected, analyzed and presented by the country research teams. In addition, some data has been sourced from other public sources like the World Bank Statistics and some other country specific public data sources.To get detailed information on data sources and methodology please refer to the PEM Country Research Reports available on this website.

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