Joint Policy Dialogue – Social Cohesion in a Shifting World

Jointly organized by Global Development Network and OECD Development Centre
15 October, 2012; The Claridges Hotel, New Delhi, India

The Joint Policy Dialogue provided an opportunity to hear and discuss Social Cohesion in a Shifting World – the 2nd edition of OECD’s Perspectives on Global Development report. The Policy Dialogue explored how policies need to be reassessed and reshaped so as to build cohesive societies by fostering social inclusion, social capital and social mobility, the headline indicators of assessment of the state of social cohesion in a country.


  • CHANDRA, Shailaja, Vice President of Initiatives for Change-Centre for Governance, India
  • HIRSCH, Alan, Deputy Director General, Economic Policy, Department of Monitoring and Evaluation, Presidency of South Africa (View PPT)
  • JACQUET, Pierre, President, Global Development Network
  • PEZZINI, Mario, Director, OECD Development Centre (View PPT)
  • SÁNCHEZ, Silvia Hernández, Deputy Minister of National Planning and Economic Policy, Costa Rica (View PPT)

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Joint Policy Dialogue – The Road to Democracy

Jointly organized by Global Development Network and American University of Beirut
18 May, 2012; American University of Beirut Campus, Lebanon

Part of the Global Policy Dialogue series, the ‘Road to Democracy’, was held on 18 May, 2012, at the American University of Beirut Campus, Lebanon. The Policy Dialogue assessed the prospects for democratic transition in the Arab region and lessons to be learnt from the recent uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt. This was done against the backdrop of the experience of democratic transformation in Latin America and Eastern Europe.


  • DELLA PAOLERA, Gerardo, President, Global Development Network
  • DI TELLA, Torcuato, Ambassador of Argentina to Italy
  • EL-MIKAWY, Noha, Regional Representative for the Middle East and North Africa, The Ford Foundation
  • LABIDI, Moez, Professor of Economics, University of Monastir, Tunisia
  • VUJČIĆ, Boris, Global Development Network Board Member and Deputy Governor, Croatia National Bank

Global Policy Dialogue – Vignettes in Global Development

Organized by Global Development Network
13 January, 2012; The Claridges Hotel, New Delhi, India

The Policy Dialogue on ‘Vignettes in Global Development’ organized by Global Development Network provided a platform to reflect inter alia on the recent global financial crisis along with recent important developments associated with the gradual shift of wealth and power towards the emerging Southern engines of growth.


  • BANERJEE, Abhijit, Ford Foundation International Professor of Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • BASU, Kaushik, Chief Economic Adviser, Ministry of Finance, Government of India, and Professor of Economics and C Marks Professor, Cornell University
  • BOURGUIGNON, François, Director and Professor of Economics, Paris School of Economics
  • DELLA PAOLERA, Gerardo, President, Global Development Network
  • LEVY, Santiago, Vice President for Sector and Knowledge, Inter-American Development Bank
  • LUSTIG, Nora, Samuel Z. Stone Professor of Latin American Economics, Department of Economics, Tulane University
  • WINTERS, L. Alan, Chairman, Global Development Network Board of Directors and Professor of Economics, University of Sussex
GDN Event in Focus:
Post-2015 MDG Consultation, 2013

High Level Policy Dialogue
at GDN's 'Beyond the MDGs: What Development
Framework after 2015?' consultation held in New Delhi, 19 March, 2013

GDN's Post-2015 MDG Consultation aimed at providing the High Level Panel of Eminent Persons appointed by the UN with the academic perspective from the South. The deliberations delved on the current scenario "Where we are now? What has been achieved under the current MDG framework? What is still missing?" as well as formulated forward-looking concrete proposals on "Where do we go from here? Setting the post-2015 development agenda."