Round Table – The Future of Macro-economic Policy in Latin America

Jointly organized by Global Development Network and Central Bank of Uruguay
18 August, 2011; Central Bank of Uruguay, Montevideo, Uruguay

The Round Table on 'The Future of Macro-economic Policy in Latin America' in an era of global imbalances, exchange rate uncertainties and income distribution tensions was held during the XXVI Annual Conference of Economy organized by the Central Bank of Uruguay.


  • BERGARA, Mario, President, Central Bank of Uruguay
  • DELLA PAOLERA, Gerardo, President, Global Development Network
  • GARCIA, Márcio, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio, Brazil
  • NEUMEYER, Andrés, Global Development Network Board Member and Professor of Economics at Universidad Torcuato di Tella, Argentina
GDN Event in Focus:
Post-2015 MDG Consultation, 2013

High Level Policy Dialogue
at GDN's 'Beyond the MDGs: What Development
Framework after 2015?' consultation held in New Delhi, 19 March, 2013

GDN's Post-2015 MDG Consultation aimed at providing the High Level Panel of Eminent Persons appointed by the UN with the academic perspective from the South. The deliberations delved on the current scenario "Where we are now? What has been achieved under the current MDG framework? What is still missing?" as well as formulated forward-looking concrete proposals on "Where do we go from here? Setting the post-2015 development agenda."