Research Program

GDN believes that social scientists in the developing world can appropriately increase their research capacity through a distinct set of GDN activities, which deliver a mix of the skills and knowledge required to become high-performing researchers.

The Global Development Network:

  • Builds research capacity in the developing and transition world through participation in a structured set of unique GDN activities. These activities progressively build the capacity of Southern researchers to undertake and communicate high-quality and policy-relevant research;
  • Promotes broadly based collaborative research as the central mode of research activity by encouraging new ways of producing, structuring, and mobilizing knowledge on important development topics, including those that transcend the capacity of any one scholar, region or discipline; and
  • Mobilizes development knowledge to and from academic and non-academic audiences through multi-pronged, customized outreach and dissemination plans.

The Global Development Network provides researchers in developing and transition countries with up to six years of direct support for global, collaborative and cross-disciplinary research in development. Upon completion of the program, participating researchers continue their association with GDN as Global Alumni.

Key Features
  • Applications are open to scholars in all disciplines in the social sciences and applications from multidisciplinary teams are favored.
  • GDN leverages the latest technologies to support inter-regional and multidisciplinary team formation through GDNet’s online collaborative platform.
  • GDN contributes to research capacity where the difficulties of socio-economic development are more critical and pervasive such as the Least Developed Countries and Low and Middle Income Countries, and prioritizes applications originating in towns and cities located in far-flung areas.
  • GDN aims at an equitable access of men and women by ensuring gender-balanced participation throughout the program.
  • GDN guarantees an open competitive process whereby applications are evaluated by a broadly-based, multidisciplinary, peer-review committee of leading international scholars.
  • GDN partners with a global pool of distinguished non-resident senior fellows and mentors for project design, coordination, mentoring, and monitoring purposes.

For further information contact Ramona Angelescu Naqvi, Director of Programs 


GDN acknowledges the distinctive contribution that the Southern perspective can make to the knowledge and understanding of complex global issues.

Gerardo della Paolera

Former President (2009-2012)
Global Development Network