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GLOBAL. During 2015, GDN supported work in more than 80 developing countries – with new research grants in 38 countries. GDN’s annual conference, in Casablanca this year, drew 350 participants from 58 countries. Our research programs impacted developing regions across the world.

DEVELOPMENT. GDN supported research generates fresh, local development knowledge and perspectives, and speaks directly to sustainable development policy. Nearly 45% of our active grantees in 2015 were women and 75% of our annual conference participants in 2015 were from developing and transition countries.

NETWORK. GDN works with individuals and institutions around the world and conducts its activities through multiple partnerships. Its board of directors mobilizes prominent world scholars. In 2015 alone, GDN connected 115 developing country researchers with their peers and with mentors and professionals globally.

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The Annual Global Development Conference is GDN’s flagship event. Held in a different country every year, it gathers the world’s leading experts and academics from the economic and social sciences and the development sector to analyse and discuss development issues. Last year's annual report illustrates GDN’s reach and activities through the posters of each of its Annual Global Development Conferences since 1999. 

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