The Global Development Network Working Paper Series disseminates GDN-funded research by combining the best research produced by GDN researchers and contributions from leading scholars.

Urbanization Processes and Urban Morphology in the Periphery of Capitalism: São Paulo, Jakarta, Hanoi and Belo Horizonte
Author : Eliana Rosa de Queiroz Barbosa, Patrícia Capanema Alvares Fernandes and Nguyen Thanh Tú
Date : July 2013
Description : This research is a comparative study of the economic development, planning processes and the resulting urban morphology of four different cities: São Paulo, Jakarta, Hanoi and Belo Horizonte, aiming to disclose the spatial outcomes of peripheral development.
Land Use Regulations and Urbanization in the Developing World: Evidence from over 600 Cities
Author : Paavo Monkkonen and Lucas Ronconi
Date : July 2013
Description : Theoretical predictions of negative impacts of stringent land use regulation on urbanization outcomes have contributed to reform efforts around the world. This research presents a series of stylized facts about the prevalence, determinants and impacts of land use regulation in Asia, Latin America, and the rest of the world.
Congestion Charge in São Paulo City: Likely Traffic Effects
Author : Claudio Lucinda, Bruno Ledo and Leandro Meyer
Date : July 2013
Description : Aiming to reduce vehicles traffic in the downtown of Sao Paulo (Brazil), a circulation restriction policy known by "rodizio" (or "rotation") was implemented in 1998. The paper aims to estimate the welfare and traffic effects of a hypothetical congestion charge in São Paulo.
Location of the Poor: Neighborhood Versus Household Characteristics: The Case of Bogotá
Author : Juliana Aguilar and Tito Yepes
Date : July 2013
Description : In Latin American cities there is a high correlation between the location chosen by poor households and their income level. Results question the emphasis that local social policies pay to improve spaces while they could have a greater impact on welfare conditions giving more relevance to the portable assets of the poor.
Urban Externalities in the Small Developing Countries of Asia and Latin America: A Comparative Case Study Analysis of Squatter Settlements in Nepal (Kathmandu) and Ecuador (Quito)
Author : Shiva Raj Adhikari, Damodar Regmi and Vanessa Pinto
Date : July 2013
Description : Rapid urbanization has led to a spurt in the number of squatter settlements. The study provides a fresh look at negative externalities of squatter settlements in the process of urbanization and is undergone in Kathmandu, Nepal and the similar city of Quito, Ecuador.
Manufacturing Firms’ Performance in a Trade Liberalization Process: The Case of Uruguay
Author : Dayna Zaclicever and Laura Da Costa
Date : June 2013
Description : The research evaluates the impact of trade liberalization and regional integration on the performance of Uruguayan manufacturing firms, analyzing how firms have responded to the trade policy changes implemented in Uruguay since the 1970s.
Women’s Self-employment in Poland: A Strategy for Combining Work and Childcare?
Author : Anna Matysiak and Monika Mynarska
Date : June 2013
Description : The paper investigates whether self-employment, which generally offers greater flexibility with respect to the hours and place of work, is chosen by women in order to achieve a better balance between paid work and family. The empirical research on this topic has provided conflicting evidence.
Agricultural Pricing and Public Procurement in South Asia
Author : Parakrama Samaratunga, Meeta Punjabi Mehta, Binod Karmacharya and Uttara Balakrishnan
Date : June 2013
Description : In the past five years since the global food spikes began, it has become clear that agriculture plays an extremely important role in global markets. This paper, through a review of the existing literature and stakeholder interviews, attempts to bring out the various contours of the debate.
Irrigation and Water Use Efficiency in South Asia
Author : Ali Hasanain, Shahid Ahmad, Muhammad Zia Mehmood, Sidra Majeed and Genet Zinabou
Date : June 2013
Description : South Asia is one of the world’s most densely populated and poorest regions, but also the region with the highest rates of irrigated agriculture. This paper reviews the water policy experiences of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan and the Maldives, and elaborates on policy options.
Improving the Effectiveness, Efficiency and Sustainability of Fertilizer Use in South Asia
Author : Mustafa K. Mujeri, Siban Shahana, Tahreen Tahrima Chowdhury and Khondoker Tanveer Haider
Date : June 2013
Description : This study aims to identify the major constraints that reduce the effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability of fertilizer use in South Asia. These factors cover a threefold issue at different stages of fertilizer use: economic factors, physical and technological factors, and institutional factors.
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