The Global Development Network Working Paper Series disseminates GDN-funded research by combining the best research produced by GDN researchers and contributions from leading scholars.

Addressing Long-Term Challenges to Food Security and Rural Livelihoods in South Asia
Author : K.S. Kavi Kumar, Kamal Karunagoda, Enamul Haque, L. Venkatachelam and Girish Nath Bahal
Date : June 2013
Description : Notwithstanding its impressive economic growth, food insecurity in South Asia continues to be a stark reality for a large number of households. Against the backdrop of increasing divide between farm and non-farm income levels, this paper examines the potential long-term challenges that aggravate food insecurity in the region.
Managing Agricultural Commercialisation for Inclusive Growth in South Asia
Author : Vijay Paul Sharma, Dinesh Jain and Sourovi De
Date : June 2013
Description : This paper provides an assessment of the trends in commercialisation of agriculture in South Asia. The main strategies to facilitate the process of commercialisation, which is more inclusive, are also recommended.
Agricultural Pricing and Public Procurement in Sub-Saharan Africa
Author : T. Ademola Oyejide, Olumuyiwa Alaba, Abiola Abidemi and Uttara Balakrishnan
Date : June 2013
Description : The analysis presented in this synthesis reviews and assesses findings and conclusions of selected studies on agricultural food pricing and procurement as a means of addressing the rising concerns relating to access to food as Sub-Sahara African countries are transformed from net food exporters to net food importers.
Irrigation and Water Use Efficiency in Sub-Saharan Africa
Author : Reuben M.J. Kadigi, Girmay Tesfay, Alfred Bizoza and Genet Zinabou
Date : June 2013
Description : Food production in Sub-Saharan Africa is almost entirely rain-fed with irrigation playing a minor role. This paper attempts to survey past irrigation policies in the sub-continent, identify the major challenges and hurdles encountered, and highlight both successes and failures.
Improving the Effectiveness, Efficiency and Sustainability of Fertilizer Use in Sub-Saharan Africa
Author : Saa Dittoh, Olubunmi Abayomi Omotosho, Adama Belemvire, Margaret Akurib and Khondoker Tanveer Haider
Date : June 2013
Description : This research aims to present fertilizer related agricultural policy experiences of Sub-Saharan African countries and lessons learnt to the region’s policymakers, politicians and other stakeholders.
Addressing Long-Term Challenges to Food Security and Rural Livelihoods in Sub-Saharan Africa
Author : Chris Ackello-Ogutu, Victor Okoruwa and Girish Nath Bahal
Date : June 2013
Description : Strategies not just for managing the future challenges to food security in Sub-Saharan Africa but also recommended ways of taking advantage of the opportunities that are likely to emerge, are offered in this paper.
Managing Agricultural Commercialization for Inclusive Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa
Author : Johann Kirsten, Mariam Mapila, Julius Okello and Sourovi De
Date : June 2013
Description : The paper studies the commercialization of smallholder agriculture that has been considered a key strategy for sustainably reducing poverty and for achieving equitable growth in many countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Does Participatory Budgeting have an Effect on the Quality of Public Services? The Case of Peru’s Water and Sanitation Sector
Author : Miguel Jaramillo and Lorena Alcázar
Date : March 2013
Description : Since 2004, the government of Peru has implemented a process of participatory budgeting (PB), which is mandatory for every sub-national government. The paper analyzes the link from PB to coverage and water service quality indicators.
Models for Stability and Growth, Structural Reforms, Conditionality, and EU Surveillance Criteria
Author : Vladimir Gligorov
Date : December 2011
Description : Policy frameworks of the IMF, the World Bank, and the EU are discussed in order to come up with criteria of macro-economic and financial stability and sustainability for future Member States of the EU (candidate and potential candidate countries).
Fiscal Issues in Financial Crisis
Author : Vladimir Gligorov
Date : December 2011
Description : Fiscal risks are currently significant. However, if a return to the potential growth rates are to be achieved in the medium run, then the fiscal risks may be different. Against this backdrop, the paper discusses sustainability, structural and fiscal balances and policy conclusions.
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