The Global Development Network Working Paper Series disseminates GDN-funded research by combining the best research produced by GDN researchers and contributions from leading scholars.

Privatization Commercialization of Public Service Delivery: Implications for Pro-Poor Growth and Attainment of MDGs in Nigeria
Author : Ade S. Olomola, S.O. Akande, A.O. Adesanya, W.O. Wadinga, A.O. Adeagbo, A.A. Carim-Sanni and S.O. Alonge
Date : November 2009
Description : Privatization and commercialization of public service delivery with a focus on implications for pro-poor growth and attainment of MDGs in Nigeria are analyzed in this paper.
Effectiveness of Foreign Aid on Poverty Reduction in Kenya
Author : Jacob Oduor and Dickson Khainga
Date : November 2009
Description : This study uses difference-in-difference to evaluate the impact of Oversees Development Assistance (ODA) on poverty in Kenya.
Long-Term Growth and the MDGs in Sub-Saharan Africa
Author : Dipo T. Busari
Date : November 2009
Description : This study seeks to examine the determinants of long-term growth in Sub-Saharan Africa within the framework of the endogenous growth model.
Impact of Performance Based Financing in Rwanda: Health Facility Level Analysis
Author : Paulin Basinga, Paul J. Gertler, Agnes Binagwaho, Agnes L.B. Soucat, Jennifer R. Sturdy and Christel M.J. Vermeersch
Date : November 2009
Description : This study assesses the impact of the Performance-Based Financing intervention in maternal and child health services in Rwanda.
Ghana’s National Health Insurance Scheme in the Context of the Health MDGs: An Empirical Evaluation Using Propensity Score Matching
Author : Joseph Mensah, Joseph R. Oppong and Christoph M. Schmidt
Date : November 2009
Description : This study evaluates the National Health Insurance Scheme to determine whether it is fulfilling its purpose in the context of MDGs (#4 and #5) which deal with the health of women and children in Ghana.
Economic Growth, Employment Generation and Poverty Reduction in Nigeria
Author : Ade S. Olomola, S.O. Akande, A.O. Ogunwale, O.O. Ogundele
Date : October 2009
Description : The study is a macro level analysis of how economic growth could contribute to poverty reduction through increases in employment in higher productivity sectors/occupations and a rise in wages in Nigeria.
Micro-Financing as a Means of Reducing Extreme Poverty: The Case of Senegal and The Gambia
Author : Aloysius Ajab Amin and Tharcisse Ntilivamunda
Date : October 2009
Description : The study uses descriptive statistical analysis in investigating the main micro-finance factors influencing poverty in Gambia and Senegal.
Assessing the Role of Urban Agriculture in Addressing Poverty in South Africa
Author : Phillippe Burger, J.P. Geldenhuys, Jan Cloete, Lochner Marais and Alexander Thornton
Date : October 2009
Description : The overall aim of this report is to profile urban agriculture and to investigate what role it plays in addressing poverty in South Africa.
An Analysis of Poverty and Regional Inequalities in Ghana
Author : Ernest Aryeetey, George Owusu and Emmanuel Joseph Mensah
Date : October 2009
Description : This paper examines spatial or regional development inequalities in Ghana.
Education, Training and Youth Unemployment in Kenya
Author : Joy Kiiru, Eldah Onsomu and Fredrick Wamalwa
Date : October 2009
Description : The main objective of this study is to empirically analyze the factors explaining why some youths would be openly unemployed or underemployed while others are able to secure full employment in Kenya.
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