The Global Development Network Working Paper Series disseminates GDN-funded research by combining the best research produced by GDN researchers and contributions from leading scholars.

Impacts of a Government Social Franchise Model on Perceptions of Service Quality and Client Satisfaction at Commune Health Stations in Vietnam
Author : Anh Ngo, Ha Phan, Van Pham, Thang Trinh and Khoa Truong
Date : October 2009
Description : This study evaluates behavioral outcomes associated with a new approach – the Government Social Franchise model developed to improve reproductive health and family planning service quality and capacity in Vietnam's commune health stations.
Effects of Capitation Grant on Education Outcomes in Ghana
Author : Robert Darko Osei, Gertrude Adobea Owusu, Freda E. Asem and Robert Lawrence Afutu-Kotey
Date : September 2009
Description : This study provides an assessment of how capitation grant is impacting key education outcomes in Ghana.
The Role of Urban Agriculture in Addressing Household Poverty and Food Security: The Case of Zambia
Author : Godfrey Hampwaye, Etienne Nel and Lutangu Ingombe
Date : September 2009
Description : The major aim of this study is to show the significance of urban agriculture among households who practice this activity in Zambia.
Impacts of Price Changes on Poverty: The Nigerian Experience
Author : S.O. Akande, Ade S. Olomola, T.O. Oni and Babatunde W. Adeoye
Date : September 2009
Description : In this study, attempts have been made to address the importance of focusing on pro-poor growth and policies through reduction in prices of commodities in Nigeria.
Land Reform and Poverty in Kenya
Author : Joseph Kieyah and Robert K. Nyaga
Date : September 2009
Description : This study examines the possible link between land reform and poverty in Kenya.
Education Expenditure and Outcome in Senegal
Author : Aloysius Ajab Amin and Tharcisse Ntilivamunda
Date : September 2009
Description : The study examines the relationship between educational expenditure and primary school gross enrolment in Senegal, and ascertains what factors affect the outcome.
The Role of Urban Agriculture in Addressing Household Poverty and Food Security: The Case of South Africa
Author : Jan Cloete, Molefi Lenka, Lochner Marais and Anita Venter
Date : September 2009
Description : The role of urban agriculture in addressing household poverty and food security is in this paper with South Africa as a case study.
Determinants of Female Labour Force Participation in Ghana
Author : Charles Ackah, Clement Ahiadeke and Ama Pokuaa Fenny
Date : September 2009
Description : This paper investigates the determinants of female labour force participation in Ghana at two points in time, 1991 and 2006.
Markets and Hierarchies in Social Services in Latin America: Incentives, Institutions, and Politics
Author : Armando Castelar Pinheiro and Ben Ross Schneider
Date : September 2009
Description : The central focus in this paper is on introducing market pressures into the provision of social services in Latin America.
On the Efficient Provision of Roads
Author : Eduardo Engel, Ronald Fischer and Alexander Galetovic
Date : September 2009
Description : The paper explores alternatives to improve road provision policies both under the traditional model and when using public-private partnerships in developing countries.
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