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Regional Climate Change Adaptation Planning

Photo by Pexels.

The Global Development Network worked together with the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies to develop a discussion paper on regional adaptation planning which will be shared at the at the International Forum for Sustainable Asia and the Pacific (ISAP) 2018 from 18-19 July in Yokohama, Japan.

The forum will commemorate IGES’s 20th year and focus on how to make the Paris Climate Accord a welcome and attainable reality for the countries involved. Though discussion, examination and innovation of existing and new strategies, the forum will aim to integrate the SDGs into non-environmental sectors of businesses, technology and academia to help countries more easily transform into low-carbon societies.

The paper will make the case that regional adaptation planning – based on geographical and natural resource conditions, rather than political boundaries – will  be most impactful in combating climate change. The paper proposes that regions and sub-regions must increase cooperation to recognise transboundary climate threats and identify mutually beneficial opportunities. It will be one of several flagship reports highlighting transformational opportunities for international development partners, including governments, business, academia and civil society, to work together on realising a safe, inclusive and sustainable future.

For more information, please contact Arianna Flores Corral at aflores@gdn.int

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