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A Research Agenda for Central Banks

Photo by Pexels.

The Global Development Network helped to organize a four-day seminar, in partnership with the Banque de France, to shape a research agenda for central banks on 18-21 June, 2018 in Paris, France.

Participants were senior central bank officials from developing and developed countries, working in areas of research & strategy. The idea of the seminar was to stimulate research and strategic thinking within central banks by viewing them not just as institutions of macro finance, but also as institutions that are social actors. The seminar provided a forum for exploring how central banks can be change agents, and how they can preempt and adapt to forces of change. The seminar aimed to complement and supplement mainstream central banking conclaves by focusing on topics and areas that, though critical for banking mandates from a long term perspective, may not often be adequately addressed at such conventions. These included identifying research priorities, and organizing, assessing and communicating research. 

For more information, please contact Anindya Choudhary on achaudhuri@gdn.int 

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