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Technical cum Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor

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GDN is looking for a Technical cum Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor to support POWER99 Foundation, Pakistan on their project "Broad Class - Listen to Learn", an interactive radio instruction program being implemented in Pakistan. "Broad Class - Listen to Learn" is a 16-month project which is being funded by a grant from the Japan Social Development Fund (JSDF), and managed by the Global Development Network.

The consultancy will include consultation and coordination with the project implementing organization - POWER99 Foundation and the project funding organization - GDN. The main task of the consultancy is to provide technical guidance to the POWER99 Foundation for effective implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of the aforesaid project. This shall include but not be limited to:

  • providing technical support to the project team in the implementation of activities as suggested in the project proposal, thereby supporting the project’s objectives with a close eye to issues of quality, sustainability, and potential scalability.
  • Guide (externally) the team in defining indicators and identifying relevant data sources to track the development of the project, in light of the team’s own objectives. The M&E framework that results from this exercise should be directly useful to the team to talk about the project with key stakeholders.
  • accompanying the project team during its visits to the targeted schools for monitoring purposes.
  • participating in quarterly meetings organized by the project team with the Education Department Officials, which are aimed at apprising them of successes achieved and problems/difficulties faced. The advisor is expected to suggest possible solutions to potential problems.
  • reviewing progress reports produced by the project team and providing on them comments to help identify and address any gaps. Ensure that the reports include the information collected on the indicators included in the M&E framework.
  • monitoring, assessing, and analyzing project’s progress and achievements against its stated indicators as well as objectives, and documenting them in a form of well-laid out written report for GDN’s use. The objective of this reporting is to guide GDN in understanding the state of implementation, and identifying additional support needed (if any) in support of the project’s objectives.

More information on the profile can be found here.

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