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Upcoming GDN events

Photo: GDN conference in Peru, 2016. Barriopixel/GDN


26 February 2020 | El Salvador

There will be a public presentation of the IADB- and GDN-funded study on education, 'Incorporación y uso de pruebas de aprendizaje para el ejercicio docente en El Salvador', at the independent research center, FUSADES. The study looks at the potential use of standardised student learning outcomes evaluations as a tool for teacher training.  The aim of the event is to start a conversation about evaluation of ongoing education efforts in El Salvador, through the incorporation and use of learning tests. Visit the GDN program that strengthens the capacity of independent institutions in the 17 smaller countries of Latin America and the Caribbean to produce evidence on national efforts to increase quality of education.  


27 February 2020 | Tokyo

A seminar to revisit the Kaizen approach to creating learning enterprises for quality growth will take place at the International Conference Hall at the JICA Ichigaya Building in Tokyo, Japan (on the 2nd Floor). Learn more about the event and register. Learn about GDN's Kaizen program.


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