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GDN Event Calendar

Photo: GDN conference in Peru, 2016. Barriopixel/GDN

Join us for these forthcoming events ! 

1. Webinar | What are the socio-economic impacts of indirect taxation and how to use it in tax policy?

FERDI, the French think tank create in 2003, known for new ideas about development, will host and introduce a webinar on indirect taxation. Anne-Marie Geourjon, Program manager at FERDI, will open the webinar. Jon Jellema, GDN Fellow, Fiscal Policy and Development will join a slew of panelists from the CEMAC Commission, International Monetary Fund and CERDI to discuss the socio-economic impacts of indirect taxation and how to use it in tax policy. Please register hereTuesday, 21 June 2022, from 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm (Paris time, GMT+2). This will be a Virtual event, with simultaneous translation French/English. Read more about GDN's program on Fiscal Policy and Development.

2Panel | Engaging policy actors in biodiversity mainstreaming research

Research has a critical role to play in enabling biodiversity mainstreaming, through both evidence generation and the design of collaborative processes. GDN is presenting a panel at the Sustainability Research and Innovation Congress 2022, being held in Pretoria, South Africa, to offer a safe space for exchange and debate about different strategies adopted by research projects on biodiversity mainstreaming to engage policy actors (broadly defined), and reflect on how to measure success in this domain — with a specific focus on the global South. To attend, or for details on the panelists please register here for the event from 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm (Indian Standard Time, GMT+ 5.5)  on Friday, 24 June 2022. Read more about the AFD-GDN Biodiversity & Development Awards

3. Webinar | Doing Research in El Salvador

Today, governments and donors have little systematic information about the state of social science research, except  for in a few developed countries. Yet, the implementation of the global agenda for sustainable development requires that the scientific community is equipped to critically analyze development and policy challenges, and to accompany actions and reforms with contextualized knowledge of the local environment. A new country report from El Salvador, published in March 2022, shows that the social science research sector is small, non-unified, but concentrated in a small geographic area with a diversity of actors. Institutional capacities make research production possible, but limitations remain in leadership, coordination, funding and access to information resulting in a dispersion of resources and competencies. Attend this webinar on 29th June 2022 from 8:30-10:00 am El Salvador time (GMT-6) / 4:30-6pm CEST (GMT+2), where the report will be launched. Read more about the Doing Research global initiative.

4.   Conference | Tax Policy for Sustainable Development

Pandemic recovery in the medium term, and resilience and sustainability in the longer term, including green growth, depend on well-designed and implemented tax policies. From 2-4 November 2022, the Global Development Conference will be held in Clermont-Ferrand, France, focusing on 'Tax Policy for Sustainable Development.' Beyond resource mobilization, the conference will be an investigation of the role tax systems can play across the three traditional objectives of policy: resource allocation, stabilization aftershocks, and how to correct inequalities through redistribution.  For more information, including how to register, please visit this page.

For further information please write to communications@gdn.int


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