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Highlights from GDN's New Organizational Strategy

GDN’s new organizational strategy was released in January 2017. The paper, ‘The Road Ahead: Strategy 2017-2022’ outlines a refocused vision, purpose, beliefs, and three strategic directions of work going forward. It also describes GDN’s values, assets and services, as well as a new results framework to measure impact over the next five years. In this short interview, GDN President Pierre Jacquet discusses GDN’s new organizational strategy. 

Speaking of local research, he says:

"It's a process of analytical and critical thinking, of questioning the evidence, and we believe that it is necessary to incur a sustainable development path." 

For more about GDN’s new strategy, see Local Research Can Improve Lives, an interview with Ramona Angelescu Naqvi, GDN's Director of Programs. Or, download ‘The Road Ahead: Strategy 2017-2022.

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