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Managing Healthcare Provision and Health Outcomes through Local Governance

The study singles out factors such as the quality of healthcare providers, the impact of local governance on healthcare and health satisfaction,

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Improving the Effectiveness, Efficiency and Sustainability of Fertilizer Use in South Asia

The study finds that high imbalance in fertilizer application is an important element of nutrition mismanagement. Irrigation water and better seeds are important complementary inputs needed for efficient fertilizer use.

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Impulse NGO Network | 2013-2016

GDN supported the Impulse NGO Network through the Japan Social Development Fund (JSDF) Award to scale up its unique tracking software system to protect and repatriate victims of human tracking, on both sides of the border between India and Myanmar.

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Varieties of Governance, Varying Outcomes

In economies such as India, a significant concern is the inability of large sections of the population to access essential services such as water and education

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