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Doing Research is a unique GDN program that contributes to a better objective assessment of social science research systems in developing countries, to identify gaps that can be addressed through research policy.

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Doing Research Program

The Doing Research program has three stages, and activities are currently in stage two. The pilot phase was the first step to characterize, describe, and whenever possible, measure the most relevant features for research across case studies of the research environment in eleven countries. The second stage was recently launched.

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Doing Research Assessment

Doing Research Assessment is the method used to assess the performance of a social science research system. The methodology is further detailed in the GDN working document on Doing Research Assessments.

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Research teams from the Doing Research Pilot program.

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See upcoming and past events from the program.

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See research studies from the program.

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See resources from the program, including blogs, interviews with researchers, webinars and infographics.

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Expected Results

See expected results and outcome from the program.

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