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GDN Working Paper Series

The Global Development Network (GDN) Working Paper Series serves as a platform for disseminating and making available cutting-edge research and knowledge on development issues, authored by researchers based in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs). This database of crucial research findings and institutional learnings offers innovative ideas and policy recommendations that can contribute to evidence-based policymaking and shape development agendas.




GDN welcomes contributions from development partners, scholars, and researchers worldwide to add to its working paper library. We hope that this inclusive initiative not only promotes global collaboration but also helps address the research gap in LMICs.
  • Papers should be well-written and edited, clearly presenting research objectives, methodology, analysis, and conclusions.
  • Submissions should be in either English, French, or Spanish. 
  • Papers should include an abstract (around 150-200 words) and 5-6 keywords. We encourage abstracts to be written in a manner that is easily understood by non-experts. If the paper is submitted in a language other than English, authors are required to provide an abstract in English as well.
  • Submissions should include the author’s contact details, a photo, and a short biography (no more than 150 words).
  • Papers should be emailed as Microsoft Word files to


Once an author submits a manuscript, it undergoes a simple editorial process:
  • Preliminary Editorial Screening: An editor from the working paper series reviews the title and abstract to determine if the paper is suitable for publication as a working paper.
  • Review: GDN's panel of experts, maintained by GDN, will screen the full paper for consistency and quality. The reviewer might suggest some changes for consistency.
  • Author Revisions: Authors receive feedback from the reviewers and make revisions to their papers accordingly. They address comments, clarify ambiguities, provide additional analysis if necessary, and enhance the overall quality of the manuscript.
  • Final Decision: Once the authors submit their revised papers, the editorial team reviews the manuscripts to ensure that the reviewers' comments have been adequately addressed. Based on the revisions, the editorial team makes a final decision regarding the acceptance or rejection of the papers.
  • Publication: Accepted papers are published in the GDN working paper series on the GDN website. Each paper is assigned a unique identifier, such as a working paper number and a DOI, and made accessible to the public.
  • Dissemination: The editorial team promotes the published working papers through various channels, including GDN's social media, newsletters, and conferences. This helps increase the visibility and reach of the series, attracting attention from researchers, policymakers, and other relevant stakeholders.


Editorial Board:

  • Jean-Louis Arcand, President, Global Development Network
  • Francesco Obino, Director, Research and Programs, Global Development Network
  • Howard White, Director, Evaluation and Evidence Synthesis, Global Development Network

Coordinator: Dinesh Thapa, Global Development Network