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Working Paper 46

Decomposing Redistributive and Reranking Effects to Reveal Contributions of Taxes and Benefits

Working Paper 47

A Contribution to the Public-Private Wage Inequality Debate: The Iconic Case of Romania

Working Paper 48

The Effects of Flat Tax on Inequality and Informal Employment: The Case of Albania

Working Paper 50

Sources of Income Inequality: Empirical Evidence from Bulgaria

Working Paper 51

Do Social Transfers “Crowd-Out” Remittances: Evidence from Bosnia

Working Paper 53

Does Health Matter for Inequality in Transition Countries: The Case of Ukraine

Working Paper 54

Measuring Inequality in CIS Countries: Theory and Empirics

Working Paper 38

Impact Evaluation of a Young Medical Volunteers Project for Vietnam Rural Mountain

Working Paper 56

Subgroup and Shapely Value Decompositions of Multidimensional Inequality: An Application to South East European Countries

Working Paper 36

Institutional Responses to Decentralization, Urban Poverty, Food Shortages and Urban Agriculture

Working Paper 35

Privatization Commercialization of Public Service Delivery: Implications for Pro-Poor Growth and Attainment of MDGs in Nigeria

Working Paper 34

Effectiveness of Foreign Aid on Poverty Reduction in Kenya

Working Paper 32

Impact of Performance Based Financing in Rwanda: Health Facility Level Analysis

Working Paper 31

Ghana’s National Health Insurance Scheme in the Context of the Health MDGs: An Empirical Evaluation Using Propensity Score Matching

Working Paper 30

Economic Growth, Employment Generation and Poverty Reduction in Nigeria