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GDN Experts

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GDN's experts are available for media interviews


Ramona Angelescu Naqvi, Director of Strategic Partnerships

Ramona Angelescu Naqvi is currently Director of Strategic Partnerships at GDN, with the responsibility to coordinate the organization's diverse partnerships across the globe, including donor relations. She also leads the Communications Unit and oversees GDN's Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning activities, especially documenting and tracking GDN’s Impact over the years. She has written on governance, migration and capacity building. Full bio. Email: rangelescu@gdn.int


Francesco Obino, Head of Programs

Francesco Obino is Head of Programs at GDN. He has eight years of experience in research, publishing and research capacity building in academia, international organizations, international and grassroots NGOs and academic publishing. At GDN, he manages programs on institutional research capacity building and research training strengthening in Asia, Latin America and Africa. Full bio. Email: fobino@gdn.int

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