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Sovachana Pou, CICP, Cambodia, at a seminar on building a research culture in developing countries, New Delhi.


8 Sept 2020 | Doing Research in Nigeria: bridging the research gap and improving development poliies. A webinar based on the results of the Doing Research Assessment in Nigeria. Know more. 

14 July 2020 | Bridging the research gap and improving development policies.' A webinar to disseminate the results of the Doing Research Assessment in Indonesia. Know more. 

27 May 2020 | A webinar titled 'Boosting social science research in Myanmar'. Know more.

25 October 2019 |  Building performing social science research systems in developing countries -  A side event at the 19th Global Development Conference in Bonn, Germany, explored common challenges and sinergies from institutions working on strengthening social science research systems. Know more.

20-21 December 2018 | GDN launched the Proof of Concept stage of the Doing Research Program with a two-day workshop with the national focal point teams of Bolivia, Indonesia and Nigeria and their advisors. Know more.

23 March 2018 | GDN organized a session titled “Ethical Perspectives on Research Systems” in New Delhi, India, at its 18th Annual Global Development Conference.

28 September 2017 | The Doing Research was presented at the 4th Altmetrics Conference in Toronto, Canada, in front of an audience of publishers, institutions, funders and researchers. See more.

21 July 2017 | GDN gathered Kenyan research actors in Nairobi for a roundtable on research systems, what are the determinants of their performance, why their study should be a priority and whether current initiatives to do so.

13 July 2016 | GDN organized the second webinar in its two-part series on its Doing Research program, titled “Funding for Social Science Research: Curse or Blessing?” See more.

26 May 2016 | GDN organized the Synthesis and Scale-Up Workshop at the University of Sussex in Brighton, UK. The workshop drew on the recently concluded synthesis exercise to reflect with all program stakeholders on the possible scale-up towards a global roll-out of the program.

18 May 2016 | GDN held its first global webinar series in May and July, 2016 focusing on its Doing Research program. Hosted by Research To Action, the two-part webinar series featured researchers from the Doing Research pilot teams, who discussed the importance of studying the research environment in developing countries, and the need for targeted funding to enable high-quality research. See more.

6 April 2016 | The Indonesian case study “Reforming Research in Indonesia: policies and practice” was officially launched in Jakarta at a joint event with the Knowledge Sector Initiative (KSI).

29 March 2016 | The Cambodian case study “Doing Research in Cambodia: Making Models that Build Capacity” was officially launched in Phnom Penh in front of an audience of research actors, policy makers and international actors.

18 March 2016 | GDN organized a session to share the pilot phase findings at its 17th Annual Global Development Conference in Lima, Peru.

21-22 January 2016 | The Latin American case study on “The Dynamics of Social Research Production, Circulation and use in Bolivia, Paraguay and Peru: A Comparative Study” was presented at the OECD International Conference on “The Transformation of Research in the South: policies and outcomes” in Paris, France.

30 October 2015 | GDN organized a seminar on 'Building a Research Culture in Developing Countries: Reforms, Incentives and Leadership' in New Delhi on 30 October 2015, gathering experts and researchers from the program. See more.

24 January 2015 | GDN organized a methodology workshop in Johannesburg to gather the selected research teams from the pilot phase and agree on methodological conventions for the pilot implementation.

3 April 2014 | A Workshop marked the launch of the pilot of a GDN's Doing Research program, supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Swiss Development Cooperation Agency and the French government. See more.

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