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If you are an Open Science expert, we need you

GDN is seeking to recruit two Open Science External Advisors to accompany awarded consortia from the Collaborative Research Action (CRA) Integrated Approaches to Human Migration/Mobility in an Era of Rapid Global Change.

The External Advisors will support awarded projects in the definition of ‘Open Science plans’ at the level of each consortium, early on in the life of the consortia, with specific attention to collaboration aspects, within the consortia, with the broader research community, and, in particular, with non-research actors interested or affected by the projects.

We aim to contribute to the advancement of open science practices and foster a culture of openness and collaboration in the scientific community, and its links to society. In concordance with the UNESCO Global Call for Best Practices in Open Science, particularly priorities 5 and 6, which focus on fostering a culture of open science and aligning incentives for open science, and promoting innovative approaches for open science at various stages of the scientific process.



The Belmont Forum, in partnership with Future Earth, the National Research Foundation (South Africa), and the National Science Foundation (USA) launched a CRA to promote integrated systems approaches to accurately characterize migration and mobility at their intersection with global change. The CRA offers grants to international, transdisciplinary teams with the goal of combining research and innovation expertise to find innovative solutions to these challenges. These teams consist of researchers and partners from various sectors, including universities, research centres, civil society organizations, community organizations, and the private sector.

A collaboration between Future Earth, the Global Development Network (GDN), and the Centre for System Solutions (CRS), aims to combine expertise to oversee the CRA’s post-award phase. Future Earth will be responsible for project coordination, valorization, and synthesis, GDN will support capacity building, mentoring, and communications while CRS will be involved in the development of a social simulation tool to be applied across the cohort of research consortia.

GDN’s mentoring activities aim to advance the alignment of CRA's management with global discussions on Open Science, emphasizing the need to open scientific knowledge creation, evaluation, and communication to societal actors beyond the traditional scientific community.


Read the complete job description and and apply here by June 9, 2023

For any queries related to the application procedure or the job posting, please write to Pablo J. Varela.