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Women’s Self-employment in Poland: A Strategy for Combining Work and Childcare?

This study investigates whether self-employment, which generally offers greater flexibility with respect to the hours and place of work

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Wage Dynamics and Workers’ Mobility During Deep Recessions

This paper analyzes the effects of wage rigidity, on both labor market dynamics and unemployment volatility, by comparing two European economies, Spain and Latvia, with very different wage dynamics.

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Measuring Inequality in CIS Countries: Theory and Empirics

This paper focuses on robust analysis of distributions and heavy-tailedness characteristics for data on income and wealth for the World, Russia and post-Soviet Central Asian economies. 

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Subgroup and Shapley Value Decompositions of Multidimensional Inequality: An Application to South East European Countries

Inequality is often discussed along a single dimension like income. This is reflected in the various decomposition approaches of inequality indices

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Effectiveness of Foreign Aid on Poverty Reduction in Kenya

Does Oversees Development Assistance (ODA) – foreign aid in common parlance – reduce poverty? This study explores this question in the Kenyan context. 

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