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Tentative Agenda | 2019 Global Development Conference

Image by the Global Development Network.

Here is a preview of the topics under discussion over the two and a half days of the conference.

Keynote, Plenaries & Sessions

  • Twenty years of global development research and policy advice / Is the world getting better or worse? A look at the numbers
  • From research to sustainable development action: how far have we come?
    • A question of shared responsibility? Debating roles, processes and risks within the research – practice nexus
    • Brokering rigorous evidence for sustainable development
  • Global and shared challenges of sustainable development – what remains to be done?
  • Next frontier challenges: Big Data, AI, Digital Transformation
  • Knowledge architecture for fast-tracking sustainability: implications for research policies and funding
    • Impact investment studies: when academia and the private sector interact
    • Transnational knowledge cooperation for sustainable development
  • Evaluating sustainability
    • Doing Research | Assessing the environment for social science research in developing countries

Award | Japanese Award for Outstanding Research on Development

Report Launches | State of the SDGs by Southern Voice, Our Common Digital Future by United Nations University’s Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS)


  • Climate engineering
  • How far can we stretch? Economists vs planetary boundary analysis

Detailed agenda to follow. Watch this space.

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