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Doing Research Kick-off

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On 20-21 December 2018, teams from national research institutions in Bolivia, Indonesia and Nigeria met for the first time in GDN's global office in New Delhi, to discuss emerging research -- including context analyses, stakeholder mapping and data collection -- to document the health of social science research systems in their respective countries. The Nigerian team was unable to secure their visa, and participated via Skype. 

These teams will act as national focal points within their own countries for GDN's Doing Research program. Having already conducted an analysis of the context in each country, they aim to incorporate early feedback from scientific and technical advisors as they prepare a global comparative study of national research systems.

The two-day workshop marked the launch of the much awaited 'proof of concept' for the  Doing Research Assessment (DRA) Framework  that maps the gaps in national social science research systems, allowing policymakers, national actors and donors to see which actions might be taken to reinvigorate them. The aim was to strengthen the production, diffusion and use of social science for development. Data collection on the 54 key indicators, included in the DRA, will commence after this workshop, and is expected to last till the summer of 2019. 

In Bolivia, the project is being led by Roberto Laserna at the Center for the Studies of Social and Economic Realities (CERES) with Dr Hebe Vessuri as their scientific and technical advisor. In Indonesia, the project is being led by Dr Inaya Rakhmani at the Centre for Innovation Policy and Governance (CIPG) with Dr Fred Carden as scientific and technical advisor. In Nigeria, the project is being led by Dr Abiodun Adeyemi Egbetokun at the National Centre for Technology Management (NACETEM) with Dr Andy Frost as scientific and technical advisor.

A team of researchers from Myanmar also attended the event. A Doing Research Assessment in Myanmar is scheduled to start in early 2019, in partnership with a major global donor.

Press release Sept 2018 New Research in Social Science Research Systems in Developing Countries 

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