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As a global actor of research for development, GDN relies on the generous support of its funders and partners, dedicated to helping achieve GDN's mission to support high-quality, policy-oriented social science research in developing countries.

GDN works with a number of public and private stakeholders, including funding, knowledge and policy partners.

Funding partners

GDN partners with a range of funders including multilateral and regional development banks, national development finance institutions, foundations and corporations that are interested in promoting development by building local capacity to produce relevant, contextualized and connected economic and social science research

Knowledge partners

Including universities, research centers and think-tanks: GDN contributes to development knowledge by promoting locally based research programs able to fill knowledge and data gaps and to document the political economy environment. It connects researchers globally, notably bringing Northern researchers closer to Southern development contexts and providing Southern researchers with expert mentoring services and guidance from other countries.

Policy stakeholder partners, from government and civil society

GDN brings access to academic analysis and evidence to inform policy issues and shape informed debate or advocacy on policy options. This relationship goes both ways: it brings existing knowledge to bear on policy choices, and it facilitates the consideration of policy concerns through shaping research questions.