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Awarded Projects

Photo credit: Imagestock

Five Individual and two collaborative research projects being implemented in five countries received a three-year research grant to conduct their proposed project, along with receiving scientific mentoring throughout the duration of the program.

Individual Grants

Principal Investigator: Lavenie Tawake
Affiliation: University of the South Pacific
Country: Fiji
Project: How to Mainstream Biodiversity and Sustainable Development into the Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) System of Fiji?

Principal Investigator: Malalatiana Razafindrakoto
Country: Madagascar
Project: Mainstreaming Soil Biodiversity as a Nature-based Solution to Innovate Fish Farming System: Valorization of Native Species of Earthworms (Earth4Fish).

Principal Investigator: Margaret Fafa Akwetey
Affiliation: University of Cape Coast
Country: Ghana
Project: Assessment of Ecosystem-Based Livelihoods on Biodiversity of the Keta Lagoon Complex Ramsar Site (KLCRS) in Ghana

Principal Investigator: Nam Hoang Vu
Affiliation: Foreign Trade University
Country: Vietnam
Project: Mainstreaming Biodiversity in Vegetable Farming in Vietnam through Promoting Adoption of Low Chemical Pesticide Practices: A Discrete Choice Experiment Approach

Principal Investigator:  Tsyon Asfaw
Affiliation: University of Antwerp
Country: Ethiopia
Project: Conservation of Large Carnivores in the Omo Valley

Collaborative Grants

Principal Investigators: Lavenie Tawake, Margaret Fafa Akwetey
Countries: Fiji / Ghana
Project: Assessing The Role Of Different Types Of Knowledge For Mainstreaming Biodiversity
Conservation In Ramsar Sites In Fiji And Ghana

Principal Investigators: Malalatiana Razafindrakoto, Nam Hoang Vu.
Countries: Madagascar / Vietnam
Project: Agroecology for Biodiversity Conservation and Welfare in Africa and Asia: A Comparative RCTs Study on Indigenous Earthworms Utilization