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GDN Conference on Education for Development in Peru, 2016

GDN's most anticipated event is its Annual Global Development Conference held in different countries, each year, across the globe. Since its inception in 1999, GDN’s conferences have been held in every region of the world: Bonn, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, New Delhi, Dakar, St. Petersburg, Beijing, Brisbane, Kuwait City, Prague, Bogota, Budapest, Manila, Accra, Casablanca and Lima. Themes are aligned with the global sustainable development agenda. The conferences aim to gather the world’s most influential researchers, corporate leaders and political figures on a common platform where they can interact with each other and discuss the most pressing challenges in social and economic development. 

  • GDN's 20th Global Development Conference, is being held in partnership with The Campbell Collaboration: 'Evidence for Development: What Words Global Summit 2021, from 18-27 October. This will be an online event.
  • GDN's 19th Global Development Conference, was held on 23-25 October in Bonn, Germany, on 'Knowledge for Sustainable Development: The Research-Policy Nexus.' It targeted 400 participants, drawn from a diverse group of researchers, policymakers, representatives of international organizations, civil society, development practitioners and the private sector.
  • GDN held its 18th Annual Global Development Conference in New Delhi on 22-23 March 2018, on the theme 'Science, Technology and Innovation for Development.'
  • See other recent conferences here.
GDN's Annual Global Development Conference also traditionally features the Global Development Awards Competition, held annually to reward outstanding research ideas and innovative development projects.

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