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Data Sharing to Stop Trafficking

GDN joins hands for global excellence. We believe that global challenges need to be addressed through local dimensions. Collaborative work across countries and disciplines as well as capacity building, quality control an north-south, south-south connections go a long way to meet this goal.

Following a successful consultation on standard operating procedures in Nay Pyi Taw, the new capital of Myanmar, in June 2016, case workers and law enforcement officers in Myanmar and India will begin using an online repository of cases as a transnational referral mechanism to protect and repatriate victims, and as evidence with which to prosecute traffickers. The effort is supported by the Impulse NGO Network, recipient of the The Japan Social Development Fund Award (JSDF), funded by the Ministry of Finance, Government of Japan and administered by GDN (2013-2016). 

This film starts with a case study of a survivor and goes onto to explore the impact created by GDN's support.

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