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Doing Research Seminar - Building Research in Developing Countries: Reforms, Incentives and Leadership

30 October 2015 | New Delhi

As part of its program on "Doing Research" in social sciences in developing countries, GDN organized a seminar on 'Building a Research Culture in Developing Countries: Reforms, Incentives and Leadership' in New Delhi on 30 October 2015, gathering experts and researchers from the program.

Panelists discussed the role of incentives in shaping and fostering a research culture in developing countries and institutions. Highlighting prelimary findings from the pilot studies, spanning 11 countries, discussions focused on the need for reforms in higher education and research, the demand for relevant, contextual social science research in each country, which can aim to inform policy decisions and research agendas.

Speakers who attended the public debate:

  • Chair and Moderator: Pierre Jacquet, President, Global Development Network
  • Prof. Ian Carter, University of Sussex, UK
  • Dr. María Balarin Bonazzi, Senior Researcher, Group for the Analysis of Development (GRADE), Peru
  • Dr. Rahmane Idrissa, Founder, Think Tank Political Economy and Autonomous Governance (PEGA), Niger
  • Dr. Nupur Barua, Deputy Head, South Asia Research Hub, DFID

GDN’s global 'Doing Research' program is premised on the belief that high quality, contextual, social science research is vital to informing evidence-based policy. For further information contact

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