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Doing Research Proof of Concept & Scale up

Photo: Antolin Sanchez
The Doing Research program has two phases of development, and activities are currently in phase two. The Doing Research pilot was the first phase, which aimed to characterize, describe, and, whenever possible, measure the most relevant features of the research environment across eleven countries. The second, scale-up phase was launched in 2018, and aims to reach 50 countries. This scale-up, started with implementing the Proof of Concept for the Doing Research Assessment in 3-5 countries.

Proof of Concept

Building on its network of research institutions and prior work in the pilot phase, GDN is putting forward the Doing Research Assessments, an approach that will inform research policy and capacity building by drawing on a detailed analysis of the national research systems in three countries - Bolivia, Indonesia, Myanmar and Nigeria. The program will produce knowledge on the performance of research systems, release original data on research systems and organize discussions and outreach about strengthening research systems to enable social progress. GDN will ensure that results are locally relevant, actionable and comparable.


With the standard DRA methodology, GDN is now aiming to scale up the Doing Research program to entire regions or groups of countries (LDCs, fragile countries). Upcoming studies include a DRA in El Salvador (2021) and a preliminary effort to make sense of the state of science and technology in Venezuela (in partnership with IDRC).

* The 'Doing Research in Venezuela' report is a preliminary study of the state of the country's research system that draws on interviews and desk research. It is the first structured attempt to empirically document the ongoing de-institutionalization of research in Venezuela. Through a hard look at the health, food security, and engineering sectors, it brings to light a picture that is representative of the larger research systems and its relations with industry

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