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Fundacion Paraguaya | 2012-2014

Image: Entrepreneurship training for low income youth in Nicaragua

GDN supported the Fundacion Paraguay through the JSDF award to scale up its Self-Sufficient School Model by providing training and technical support to five schools to establish financially self-sufficient schools in four countries, Nicaragua, Honduras, Bolivia and Paraguay.

The major outcomes of the project were:

  • Provision of training and technical assistance to five schools to implement tge Financially Self-Sufficient School model with the creation of an e-learning platform.
  • Fundación Paraguay’s methods of transferring its Financially Self-Sufficient School model to other schools were tested and refined further.
  • Additional scaling-up of the model was facilitated by documenting, through film and other media, the training and technical assistance provided to the five schools and thereby developing a set of relevant, high-quality training materials for future replications.

More than 1.300 low income youth attending the 5 participating schools from Honduras, Nicaragua, Bolivia and Paraguay were the direct beneficiaries of this project during its implementation.