Local Research for Better Lives


Research teams joined by JICA-RI, GDN, co-editors Akio Hosono, John Page, and Tetsushi Sonobe, advisor to the Vietnamese team at JICA-RI Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.


Study: Brazil Productivity Challenges: Does Management Matter?
Principal Investigator: Filipe Lage-de-Sousa
Institutional Affiliation: Fluminense Federal University


Study: Kaizen and Productivity Improvement: An Experiment with SMEs in Vietnam
Principal Investigator: Vu Hoang Nam
Institutional Affiliation: Foreign Trade University

The Philippines

Study: Increasing Productivity through Small Changes: The case of the Manufacturing Productivity Extension Program in the Philippines
Principal Investigator: Nestor Rañeses


Study: Management Practices and Productivity Improvement in Manufacturing Enterprises in Ghana
Principal Investigator: Charles Ackah
Institutional Affiliation: University of Ghana

GDN Support

GDN will provide knowledge exchange and capacity building services to the selected teams, and will support teams on a continuing basis in research management, and research dissemination for policy influence. Teams will receive mentoring support and gain feedback from continuous peer-review by experts in the field.

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