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Under this program, GDN is partnering with four academic and research institutions based in three least developed countries. These institutions have been selected via an open Call for Proposals that received 250 completed applications from 40 eligible countries. Each application has been screened internally and externally by international experts to arrive at the final selection.


Program Name: Improving the quality of policy relevant research in Bhutan through leadership development, institution building and research practice

Implementation Partner: Institute for Gross National Happiness Studies, Royal University of Bhutan

Program Brief: The program aims to develop stronger research leadership skills across the nine colleges under the Royal University of Bhutan to build 'Research Centers of Excellence' actively engaged in promoting research and community linkages in the country. It intends to enhance the knowledge and capacity of the academic staff to engage in independent research and supervision of students, and instill a culture of discourse, critical enquiry and practical solutions in the undergraduate and postgraduate students.


Program Name: Université régionale en sciences sociales, humaines et économiques Les Journées deTam Dao (JTD) – Cambodge, Laos, Vietnam

Implementation Partner: Université Royale de Droit et des Sciences Economiques du Cambodge in partnership with Académie des Sciences Sociales du Vietnam

Program Brief: This program extends the 'Summer School in Tam Dao,' run by the Académie des Sciences Sociales du Vietnam; to participants in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Madagascar. The purpose is to approach the essential skills and instruments for the appropriate study of social reality and to provide researchers with theoretical basis as well as methodologies in preparation of qualified scientific research projects. The objective is to support training on social sciences and to contribute to higher education research strategies in South-East Asia and beyond.


Program Name: Building Ethiopia's research capacity in economics and agribusiness

Implementation Partner: Haramaya University

Program Brief: The program intends to develop skilled professionals who will be recognized as providers of high quality research services and education in their disciplines. It targets the University's Ph.D. and M.Sc. students through grants and training on statistics, econometrics, data collection and analysis. To improve the quality of theses supervision, the program also provides training and mentoring for its academic staff.


For further information contact Francesco Obino, Head of Programs.

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