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Parallel Session Presentations: Day 1: 17th March 2016

Parallel Session 1.1 | Skills for Life and Work

Ana I. Balsa Professor, Universidad de Montevideo, Uruguay. Peer effects in the development of capabilities in adolescence.” Download.

Alejandro Ganimian Post-Doctoral Fellow, Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab, India. "Hard Cash and Soft Skills: Experimental Evidence on Combining Scholarships and Mentoring in Argentina” Download.

Pablo Lavado Assistant Professor, Universidad del Pacífico, Perú “Skills for the first job” Download.

Parallel Session 1.2 | Enhancement of teachers’ status and education quality         

Jorge Arrunátegui General Director of Teachers’ Development, Ministry of Education of Peru. “Teacher appreciation framework in Peru” Download.

Denise Vaillant Education Ph.D Program Director, Universidad ORT, Uruguay “Teacher training policies in Latin America” Download.

Hugo Ñopo Researcher, GRADE, Perú. “Comparison of teachers’ payment schemes and social appreciation” Download.

Barbara Bruns Visiting fellow at the Center for Global Development “Designing Systems for Teacher Evaluation” Download.

Parallel Session 1.3 | Using synthesized evidence to improve education policy and programming

Julia H. Littell Co-Chair and Co-Editor-in-Chief, Campbell Collaboration Learning from systematic reviews in education” Download

Mario Picon Senior Evaluation Specialist, 3ie “What does the evidence say about improving school participation and learning? A systematic review of education programmes in low- and middle- income countries” Download

Parallel Session 1.4| Japanese Award for Outstanding Research on Development

Ana Mickovska-Raleva Policy Analyst, Center for Research and Policy Making, Republic of Macedonia “Teaching ‘Learning to Learn’ competence for the knowledge-based society” Download

Marcos Agurto Associate Profesor, Universidad de Piura,Peru “The effect of social interactions between economically disadvantaged college students and wealthy ones on social networks composition, soft skills accumulation and social preferences and discriminatory behavior: Experimental evidence from the Peruvian social program Beca18” Download

Gloria Carrión Fonseca Program Director, Fundación Internacional para el Desafío Económico Global, Nicaragua “The Political Economy of Public Financing of Education and its Impact on Inequality across Gender Lines in Nicaragua” Download

Parallel Session 2.1 | Achieving Quality and Inclusion in Higher Education

María Marta Ferreyra. Senior Economist, World Bank “Higher Education in Latin America: Current Landscape and Policy Challenges” Download

Ricardo Espinoza. Ph.D Candidate, University of Maryland “The Economic Returns to Higher Education: The cases of Chile and Perú” Download

Christopher Neilson Assistant Professor, Princeton University. “Student Loans, Students’ Choices and the Market Structure of Higher Education” Download

Parallel Session 2.2 | Evidence for Education Policy and Practice: a Critical Reflection on Initiatives Designed to Provide Evidence 

Nelson Oviedo Research Assistant, Universidad del Pacífico, Peru “Evidence for parents and students: Ponte en Carrera” Download

Renata Grinfeld Coordinator of the Learning Communities Project, CIPPEC, Argentina Evidence for teachers and education authorities: Learning Communities” Download

Julie Brittain Executive Director INASP, United Kingdom “Evidence for researchers”  Download

Enrique Mendizabal Founder, On Think Tanks and the Peruvian Alliance for the Use of Evidence, Peru “Evidence for policymakers: Think Tanks and Elections” Download

Parallel Session 2.3 | Small is beautiful? Piloting change in research capacity building in least developed countries (LDCs) through example             

Francesco Obino Program Manager, Global Development Network Reforming through example. A conceptual framework for understanding the impact of research capacity building pilots in the higher education system in least developed countries” Download

Jamba Tobden Manager, Institute for Gross National Happiness Studies (iGNHaS), Royal University of Bhutan “Aspirations for Research Development at the Royal Univesity of Bhutan” Download

Laurent Mesmann Advisor to the Rector, Royal University of Low and Economics, Cambodia  Tam Dao Days: Building Momentum Towards a Regional Model for Research Capacity Development in South East Asia” Download

Mengitsu Katema Aredo Associate Professor, Haramaya University, Ethiopia Building Research Capacity in Economics and Agribusiness: Implications of GDN’s Program in Ethiopia” Download

Parallel Session 2.4  | Japanese Award for the Most Innovative Development Project

Talantbek Aldashov Executive Director, Public Foundation Mountain Societies Development Programme in Kyrgyzstan (MSDSP KG), Kyrgyzstan “Vegetable Value Chain Development in Naryn Oblast”  Download

Fakhira Najib Chief Executive, POWER99, Pakistan “Broad Class – Listen to Learn: Interactive Radio Instruction Program” Download

Gamal Albinsaid Chief Executive Officer, Indonesia Medika, Indonesia “Garbage Clinical Insurance” Download

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