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Effects of Governance Models in Transition Countries

This research presumes that the process of development in transition countries has a similar, common point of origin

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Effect of Governance on Public Service Delivery in the Water Sector in Senegal

This research investigates the effectiveness of critical governance mechanisms such as citizen participation, accountability and transparency, and how they affect public service delivery in the water sector in Senegal

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Markets and Hierarchies in Social Services in Latin America: Incentives, Institutions, and Politics

This paper develops a framework for analyzing the problems and challenges – in incentives, institutions and politics – that arise in implementing education reforms in the context of Latin America.

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Varieties of Governance, Varying Outcomes

In economies such as India, a significant concern is the inability of large sections of the population to access essential services such as water and education

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Congestion Charge in Sao Paulo city: Likely Traffic Effects

This report aims to estimate the welfare and traffic effects of a hypothetical congestion charge in Sao Paulo.

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Location of the Poor: Neighborhood Versus Household Characteristics: The Case of Bogota

In Latin American cities there is a high correlation between the location chosen by poor households and their income level; however, it is difficult to identify to what extent they live there by choice

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Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Water Sector in the Philippines

This paper presents a brief background of the development and cost‐effectiveness of two water districts (WDs) in the Philippines.

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Taxation, foreign aid and political governance: figures to the facts of a celebrated literature

This paper investigates the underpinning Somaliland-based hypothesis that foreign aid dilutes the positive role of taxation on political governance.

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