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Results Framework

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GDN's new strategy document, "The Road Ahead | Strategy 2017-2022" envisions the following outcomes along each of the three pillars of work.

Pillar 1 | Capacity - Strenthening Research in Low-Capacity Environments 

  • Achievement of objectives by supported institutions (Qualitative estimates and %)
  • More capable and empowered research institutions in least developed countries (proof of new research-based activities, of concrete research-based collaboration with governments).

Pillar 2 | Excellence - High quality, Global, Collaborative Research

  • Establishment of working South-South collaboration channels
  • Evidence of pursuit of research collaboration beyond the project
  • Strong alumni base engaging in research to policy activities
  • Scientific Impact through citations
  • Policy impact through uptake (including in newspapers and other outlets

Pillar 3 | Outreach - Putting Research to Better Use

  • Evidence better knowledge use by policy makers
  • Density of research interaction on GDN’s platform and social media (webmetrics)

Each of the three pillars will contribute to the following envisaged impacts

  • Through better knowledge of major development challenges, visible progress in a number of sectors related to sustainable development and poverty reduction
  • More effective research capacity building assistance
  • Policy is better informed in least developed countries, which contributes to better development policies and lives for citizens