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Celebrating 20 Years of the Japanese Awards

For twenty years, the Global Development Awards Competition has celebrated excellence in policy-oriented research and innovation in social development.

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Social Science and COVID-19 | The Southeast Asia Response

A new region-wide assessment on the pandemic response in 11 countries of Southeast Asia has been released by the GDN and the International Development Research Center (IDRC). 

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Publications from the EIB-GDN program

A book titled, 'Measuring Impacts - The Experience of the EIB-GDN program' and three additional volumes containing studies from three cycles of the the EIB-GDN program are now ready.

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Results of the Doing Research Proof of Concept & Scale Up

Catch up on the dissemination of results and outcomes from the Doing Research program.

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Impact at a Glance

Read about GDN's footprint, representation and diversity, publications and impact stories from around the world.

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GDN Makes a Difference

Read more about GDN’s contributions to a buoyant knowledge-for development agenda, since its inception in 1999, till 2017.

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