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Results of the Doing Research Proof of Concept and Scale Up

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The Doing Research program represents an innovative opportunity to learn about and act on the status and future of social sciences in developing countries. GDN leads the aggregation, benchmarking and comparative analysis of knowledge that emerges from the program, supporting implementing partners to use the findings to strengthen research systems on the ground. Assessments are completed by applying a Doing Research Assessment tool, that is, a method for systematically analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, challenges, and bottlenecks that affect quality and policy-relevant social science research.

Dissemination of Results

The Role of Social Sciences and Sustainable Development in Asia

Special Project - Social Science and COVID-19 | The Southeast Asia Response

  • Region-wide assessment report See summary. See the full report.
  • Blogpost on Asia Pathways, the blog of the Asian Development Bank Institute, by GDN’s Francesco Obino and IDRC’s Edgard Rodriguez.


El Salvador





Note:  The 'Doing Research in Venezuela' report is a preliminary study of the state of the country's research system that draws on interviews and desk research. It is the first structured attempt to empirically document the ongoing de-institutionalization of research in Venezuela. Through a hard look at the health, food security, and engineering sectors, it brings to light a picture that is representative of the larger research systems and its relations with industry.

For more information, please contact Daniel Fussy.

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