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Impact Stories and Evaluations | Japanese Awards

The Global Development Network has been awarding researchers and development practitioners for exemplary work in research and development projects, respectively with the support of the Ministry of Finance, Government of Japan. 

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Seasonal food shortages in Afghanistan

Czech Government’s economic advisory board NERV, in 2013 young scholar Vojtěch Bartoš received funding of USD 9,000 through the GDN funded Regional Research Competitions administered by CERGE-EI

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Urbanization and Development

In 2012, two researchers from the University of Yaoundé Ii-Soa received a grant from GDN, to conduct systematic research on integration of suburban specificities in the decentralization process in Cameroon

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The Commuting Worker

In 2012, Indian scholars, S. Chandrasekhar and Ajay Sharma won the Japanese Award Outstanding Research on Development, administered by GDN and funded by the Government of Japan.

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The Gender Wage Gap in Macedonia

In 2013, Macedonian research scholars Marjan Petreski, Nikica MojskoskaBlazevski and Plagica Petreski won the second place in the Japanese Award for Outstanding Research on Development,

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Labor Market Effects

In 2013, Ecuadorian researcher Sara Wong won the first prize of Japanese Award for Outstanding Research on Development, with a proposal to study the effect of mandatory social security enrolment for the maid labour sector in Ecuador

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Rural hometown investing

Two researchers from Philippines were awarded the first prize for the Japanese Award for Outstanding Research on Development in 2011 with a grant to develop the Remittance Investment Climate Analysis in Rural Hometowns (RICART)

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Cities are the Future

In 2007, and for the first time in human history, more than 50 percent of the world’s population lived in urban areas. That year, GDN decided to support research studies looking at this issue.

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More Robust Research Systems

Only 2.3% of all reearch articles globally had one African researcher or less. Are least developed countries really participating in their own development?

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Building Institutional Research Capacity

A GDN success story in which it partnered with three educational establishments to ensure that they can build up a research agenda and culture of their own.

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