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Science of Life Studies (SOLS), Cambodia | 2016-2017

With the JSDF Award, Science of Life Studies (SOLS), Cambodia aims to set up 18 subsidized province centers in Cambodia to provide an alternative system of quality, holistic education under its project, Equal Opportunities for Education. Through structured educational programs focused on practical skills, leadership, character development and social consciousness, the project’s key objective is to increase employment opportunities and enhance the quality of life of young men and women in the targeted communities.
The project addresses the educational gap that exists in Cambodia by providing an alternative approach to education to the public school system for those who have left school due to financial difficulties, family pressures to take up farming or other work, job seeking or being unable to meet class level requirements.
The core activities of the project include providing students with comprehensive English language lessons (speaking, listening, writing and reading), and access for 50 students from every center to free education through SOLS satellite centers. In addition, students will gain greater global exposure and awareness through interaction with international volunteers. Upon graduating, students will receive training to develop management skills in planning, coordinating, accounting, administration, team work, problem solving, and creativity, and will gain the opportunity to become center managers.