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Covid-19 | Emergency Measures at GDN

Representative photo: Pexels

Covid-19 Pandemic | Emergency Measures at GDN

Updated 20 March 2020

Since the WHO’s announcement of the Covid-19 pandemic, and because of the related precautions that citizens around the world must now take, the Global Development Network (GDN) is making a few changes to the way we work, including with our partners and grantees.


GDN staff members are working from home in the coming days and months. The office landline is no longer being answered by a staff member. The best way to reach a member of staff is via email. See Who’s Who. GDN staff around the world communicate with each other on Skype, Zoom and Whatsapp and may ask you to do the same, if a conversation is needed.


All program events that require meeting in person are being called off, until further notice. Plans for the next GDN Global Development Conference are also on hold for the moment. Please note that some events that were in the pipeline may be possible to hold in a virtual or online space. Events in the pipeline should be discussed with the Head of Programs on, before they are scheduled online, and/or to see if there is another way to meet program objectives.


We understand that grantee schedules and delivery as per program proposals may be impacted because of the pandemic. Please get in touch with GDN so that we can find the best way to support you, on a case-by-case basis.


In our own behavior, activities and relations, we unequivocally support and abide by strict hygiene rules and physical distancing. We encourage everyone to take care of themselves and their families, especially the frail and the elderly, during these difficult times. 

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