Local Research for Better Lives

Expected Results

Image: Zubedah Nanfuka (U.S. Embassy Kampala)

The Global Development Network, in partnership with the African Economic Research Consortium, will be implementing an ambitious strategy to disseminate the work produced by the program: a pan-Africa Senior Policy Seminars, 5 National Policy Seminars, 2 High Level Round Tables with donor agencies, and a High Level Policy Dialogue. Additionally, outreach will be done online, through blog posts and a publication that brings together all the research funded under the 4-year program.

The expectation is that through this diverse set of activities the program will be able to raise the profile of debates on aid effectiveness research within Africa, and the voices of African researchers working on the issue, in ways that influence the expectations of both national governments and donor agencies.

The vision of the program is one where aid recipient governments support African research institutions to set and implement their own research agenda on aid effectiveness, and where donor agencies access this research as part of their efforts to improve their contribution to development processes that are driven by aid receiving countries.

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