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Global Development Awards Competition Grievance Policy

Image for illustrative purposes only. By Pexels.


GDN has adopted a template and process enabling the submission of a complaint related to projects funded under the Global Development Awards Competition.

The template is available at this link and upon completion, it must be submitted by email to the Awards Team at GDN ( with a copy to 

A complaint can be submitted by an individual, community, organization or their representatives regarding a present situation, or a prospective one that could emerge upon the execution of the funded project. 

Complaints are accepted in English, which will also be the language of reply and moderation between parties.

The grievance process is as follows:

  1. The Awards team, led by the Head of Programs, will acknowledge the receipt of the complaint
  2. Upon an initial review, the team decides if it is necessary to request additional information to properly assess the full scope of the complaint. Within 10 business days, GDN will decide if there is a case for the complaint to advance to the next steps, or whether it is considered void, and will return to the complainant with the decision. 
  3. GDN coordinates with the stakeholders of the project in developing a reasonable solution, including a timeline to address the content of the complaint, within 30 days of the previous communication with the complainant. 
  4. The complainant agrees with the solution and timeline proposed to resolve the situation. GDN will act as a mediator and aim to find a solution that satisfies all parties involved without jeopardizing the stated objectives of the funded project.
  5. GDN follows-up on the implementation of the solution with the grantee and the complainant.
  6. If the complainant is not satisfied at any stage, GDN will coordinate with the World Bank to decide upon the best outcome.

In order to promote this grievance process, webpages of the funded projects or published documents will  state, “If you have a grievance regarding the implementation of this project or towards its future impacts, send an email to, with a copy to or check for further instructions.”