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Bridging Research and Policy

Image: João Silas/Unsplash

GDN's Global Research Project, Bridging Research and Policy, endeavored to improve and understand the links between research and policy, and bridge the gap between researchers, policymakers and intermediary organizations such as media and professional associations. The overarching goal was to promote evidence-based policymaking in low and middle income countries by closing the gap between ideas and their implementation.

Driven by southern policy makers, the three-year project provided practical advice to both researchers and policy makers, by improving understanding of the research-policy nexus. The project generated valid and reliable knowledge about research-policy linkages (and gaps) in developing and transition countries, and developed a set of operational conclusions and tools that could assist policymakers, researchers and donors.


  • Increased awareness among policy makers of the value of research
  • An international coalition of policy makers, researchers and communicators interested in collaborating to improve linkages between research and policy
  • Enhanced understanding of how to improve research-policy links and impact
  • Lessons, recommendations and practical tools for researchers and policy makers
  • A cutting edge web site “learning platform” for researchers and policy makers

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To find the studies completed under this program, please go to the Research section of this website, and check back frequently for updates.