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Financial Inclusion and Microfinance in Latin American and Caribbean Nations

Photo by Danielle Pereira/Flickr


GDN's program, Financial Inclusion and Microfinance in Latin American and Caribbean Nations, addressed key issues related to financial inclusion and the role of micro credit instruments in the overall development of the economy and welfare state in Latin American and Caribbean countries. The one-year research program was conducted in three countries -- Bolivia, Chile and Uruguay -- from December 2014 to February 2015.

The program provided opportunities for young researchers from the region to engage in meaningful dialogue with peers and policy makers through evidence-informed case studies on various aspects of financial inclusion and micro-finance, for poor and low-income populations in their region.

Find out about the research teams and see research from the program here.


The program is fully-funded by the Development bank of Latin America (CAF).

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To find the studies completed under this program, please go to the Research section of this website, and check back frequently for updates.